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IServerSecurityFacet 유형에서 다음 멤버를 표시합니다.


  이름 설명
공용 속성 CmdExecRightsForSystemAdminsOnly Gets the CmdExecRightsForSystemAdminsOnly property value.
공용 속성 CommonCriteriaComplianceEnabled Gets the CommonCriteriaComplianceEnabled property value.
공용 속성 CrossDBOwnershipChainingEnabled Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the cross DB ownership chaining is enabled.
공용 속성 LoginMode Gets the LoginMode property value.
공용 속성 ProxyAccountEnabled Gets a value that indicates whether the proxy account is enabled.
공용 속성 ProxyAccountIsGrantedToPublicRole Gets the ProxyAccountIsGrantedToPublicRole property value.
공용 속성 PublicServerRoleIsGrantedPermissions Gets the PublicServerRoleIsGrantedPermissions property value.
공용 속성 ReplaceAlertTokensEnabled Gets or sets whether the replace alert tokens are enabled.
공용 속성 XPCmdShellEnabled Gets or sets whether the XP command shell is enabled.

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