FilterNodeFunction.Type 열거형

코드에서 직접 이 멤버를 참조하면 안 됩니다. 이 방법은 SQL Server 인프라를 지원합니다. Indicates the type of the function.

네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc(Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc.dll)


Public Enumeration Type
‘사용 방법
Dim instance As FilterNodeFunction.Type
public enum Type
public enum class Type
type Type
public enum Type


멤버 이름 설명
Boolean Not currently supported.
Contains The contains() function. This is similar to the LIKE function, but it adds % around the input pattern.
False The false() function.
In The Transact-SQL IN function.
Like The Transact-SQL LIKE function.
Not The not() function.
String Not currently supported.
True The true() function.
UserDefined A placeholder for enumerator extension defined functions.

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