Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.VSIntegration 네임스페이스

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.VSIntegration Namespace contains the Interfaces which are required to interface SQL Server with Visual Studio.


  클래스 설명
공용 클래스 NonWrappedPropertiesClassAttribute Attribute indicating the properties class should not be wrapped before passing it to the properties window.
공용 클래스 ServiceProvider Provides a unified service provider.
공용 클래스 SsmsInformation Controls various aspects of the management tool.


  인터페이스 설명
공용 인터페이스 IPreloadable Any client that wants to call Preloader.PreloadCustom must pass an object implementing this interface.
공용 인터페이스 IScriptingOptions Provides programmatic options that can be set for scripting operations.
공용 인터페이스 ISessionController Represents an interface used for automating DTAShell application from external processes. It allows creating new tuning sessions from external processes.
공용 인터페이스 ISqlToolsWindowWithConnectionState An interface that allows the discovery of connection information.
공용 인터페이스 IStatusBarContributer Updates information in the status bar when they are focused.