Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.MetadataDifferencer 네임스페이스

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.SqlParser.MetadataDifferencer namespace contains types designed to support the SQL Server parser.


  클래스 설명
공용 클래스 ChangeResult Represents the differences between two object model graphs.
공용 클래스 DifferencerException The exception that is thrown when the Differencer encounters a non-recoverable error.
공용 클래스 ObjectDifference Represents the collection of changes between given two object graphs.
공용 클래스 OrderedCollectionDifference Represents the changes in a collection whose children are reordered.
공용 클래스 OrderedScalarDifference Represents an index change of any child in a collection.
공용 클래스 PropertyDifference Represents a class that holds a property whose value is different on any two object graphs.
공용 클래스 ScalarDifference Represents the changes in value (non-child) properties on any two object graphs.