ISqlSpatialGridIndexable.BufferForDistanceQuery 메서드

이 API는 SQL Server 2012 인프라를 지원하기 위한 것으로 코드에서 직접 사용할 수 없습니다.

Constructs a buffer for the given distance.

네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Types
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Types(Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll)


<SqlMethodAttribute(IsDeterministic := True, IsPrecise := False)> _
Function BufferForDistanceQuery ( _
    distance As Double, _
    <OutAttribute> ByRef disableInternalFiltering As Boolean _
) As ISqlSpatialGridIndexable
‘사용 방법
Dim instance As ISqlSpatialGridIndexable 
Dim distance As Double 
Dim disableInternalFiltering As Boolean 
Dim returnValue As ISqlSpatialGridIndexable 

returnValue = instance.BufferForDistanceQuery(distance, _
[SqlMethodAttribute(IsDeterministic = true, IsPrecise = false)]
ISqlSpatialGridIndexable BufferForDistanceQuery(
    double distance,
    out bool disableInternalFiltering
[SqlMethodAttribute(IsDeterministic = true, IsPrecise = false)]
ISqlSpatialGridIndexable^ BufferForDistanceQuery(
    double distance, 
    [OutAttribute] bool% disableInternalFiltering
[<SqlMethodAttribute(IsDeterministic = true, IsPrecise = false)>]
abstract BufferForDistanceQuery : 
        distance:float * 
        disableInternalFiltering:bool byref -> ISqlSpatialGridIndexable
function BufferForDistanceQuery(
    distance : double, 
    disableInternalFiltering : boolean
) : ISqlSpatialGridIndexable

매개 변수

  • distance
    유형: System.Double
    The distance used to calculate the buffer.
  • disableInternalFiltering
    유형: System.Boolean%
    When this method returns, contains a value that indicates whether internal filtering is disabled.

반환 값

유형: Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.ISqlSpatialGridIndexable
The ISqlSpatialGridIndexable object that represents the buffer for the given distance.

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