MergePublication.AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients 메서드

Enables late-bound COM clients to add a Snapshot Agent job that generates the filtered data partition for a Subscriber when a parameterized row filter is used.

네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo(Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo.dll)


Public Sub AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients ( _
    mergeDynamicSnapshotJob As Object, _
    schedule As Object _
‘사용 방법
Dim instance As MergePublication 
Dim mergeDynamicSnapshotJob As Object 
Dim schedule As Object

instance.AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients(mergeDynamicSnapshotJob, _
public void AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients(
    Object mergeDynamicSnapshotJob,
    Object schedule
void AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients(
    Object^ mergeDynamicSnapshotJob, 
    Object^ schedule
member AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients : 
        mergeDynamicSnapshotJob:Object * 
        schedule:Object -> unit
public function AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients(
    mergeDynamicSnapshotJob : Object, 
    schedule : Object

매개 변수

  • mergeDynamicSnapshotJob
    유형: System.Object
    The filtered data snapshot job.


Calling AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients is equivalent to executing sp_adddynamicsnapshot_job.

The AddMergeDynamicSnapshotJobForLateBoundComClients method can only be called by members of the sysadmin fixed server role at the Publisher or by members of the db_owner fixed database role on the publication database.

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MergePublication 클래스

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