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  이름 설명
공용 속성 AbortPolicy Gets or sets how running replication agent threads are terminated when an unanticipated shutdown occurs.
공용 속성 ComErrorCollection Gets information on errors that occur during agent execution.
공용 속성 FlatExceptionCollection 인프라입니다. Gets the collection of exception objects accessed using the IEnumerable interface.
공용 속성 HistoryVerboseLevel Gets or sets the amount of history logged during agent execution.
공용 속성 LoginTimeout Get or sets the number of seconds before the login times out for connections made by the agent.
공용 속성 Output Gets or sets the name and path of the agent output file.
공용 속성 OutputVerboseLevel Gets or sets the level of detail of information written to the agent output file.
공용 속성 PacketSize 인프라입니다. Gets or sets the packet size associated with the agent.
공용 속성 ProfileName Gets or sets an agent profile to use when running the agent.
공용 속성 PublisherFailoverPartner Gets or sets the failover partner instance of SQL Server participating in a database mirroring session with the publication database.
공용 속성 QueryTimeout Gets or sets the number of seconds before a query times out.

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