ConnectionSettings.ThrowIfPropertyNotSet 메서드 (String, String, Boolean)

Throws an exception if the specified connection property is null or, optionally, empty.

네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo(Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo.dll)


Protected Function ThrowIfPropertyNotSet ( _
    propertyName As String, _
    str As String, _
    checkEmpty As Boolean _
) As String
‘사용 방법
Dim propertyName As String 
Dim str As String 
Dim checkEmpty As Boolean 
Dim returnValue As String 

returnValue = Me.ThrowIfPropertyNotSet(propertyName, _
    str, checkEmpty)
protected string ThrowIfPropertyNotSet(
    string propertyName,
    string str,
    bool checkEmpty
String^ ThrowIfPropertyNotSet(
    String^ propertyName, 
    String^ str, 
    bool checkEmpty
member ThrowIfPropertyNotSet : 
        propertyName:string * 
        str:string * 
        checkEmpty:bool -> string
protected function ThrowIfPropertyNotSet(
    propertyName : String, 
    str : String, 
    checkEmpty : boolean
) : String

매개 변수

  • propertyName
    유형: System.String
    A string that specifies the name of the connection property, such as "Login".
  • checkEmpty
    유형: System.Boolean
    True if you want to check the property value for an empty string or null value; false if you want to check only for a null value.

반환 값

유형: System.String
If the property is not set, this method throws a PropertyNotSetException. Otherwise, this method returns the str parameter value.


If you want to throw the exception if the property value is an empty string, set the checkEmpty parameter to true.

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