Macro Function for Matrix Transposition

Microsoft Specific

Transposes a 4-by-4 matrix of single-precision, floating-point values.

_MM_TRANSPOSE4_PS(row0, row1, row2, row3)


The arguments row0 , row1 , row2 , and row3 are __m128 values whose elements form the corresponding rows of a 4-by-4 matrix. The matrix transposition is returned in arguments row0 , row1 , row2 , and row3 where row0 now holds column 0 of the original matrix, row1 now holds column 1 of the original matrix, and so on.

The transposition function of this macro is illustrated in the following figure.

The header file xmmintrin.h contains the declarations for the SSE intrinsics.

Matrix Transposition Using the _MM_TRANSPOSE4_PS Macro

MMtranspose4MacroMatrixTransposition graphic

END Microsoft Specific

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