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Enables the menus, toolbars, and commands of existing VSPackage objects to be integrated into and managed by the environment's SOleComponentUIManager service.

The IOleInPlaceComponentUIManager type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method FContinueIdle Queries the environment to determine if an in-place active object can continue idle time processing.
Public method FOnUIComponentExitState Queries the environment to determine if an in-place VSPackage object remains in a particular state.
Public method FUIComponentInState Queries the environment to determine if a particular state is still in effect.
Public method OnUIComponentEnterState Informs the environment that an in-place VSPackage object has entered a new state.
Public method SetActiveUI Allows a UI active VSPackage object to change the menus, toolbars, or commands that are displayed on its behalf by the environment.
Public method UIActivateForMe Requests that the SOleComponentUIManager service participate in the activation or deactivation of an in-place VSPackage object.
Public method UpdateUI Informs the environment that the state of an in-place VSPackage object's visible user interface has changed.


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