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Implemented by the environment to handle the Miscellaneous Files project.

The IVsExternalFilesManager2 type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AddDocument Programmatically tells the Miscellaneous Files project to add a node. (Inherited from IVsExternalFilesManager.)
Public method AddDocumentEx Programmatically informs the Miscellaneous Files project to add a node, allows control over the icon for the node, and provides an opportunity for the editor to query for contextual services.
Public method GetExternalFilesProject Instantiates the Miscellaneous Files (External Files) project and returns a pointer to it. (Inherited from IVsExternalFilesManager.)
Public method IsVisible Determines whether the Miscellaneous Files node is visible in Solution Explorer. (Inherited from IVsExternalFilesManager.)
Public method TransferDocument Transfers a document to the Miscellaneous Files project. (Inherited from IVsExternalFilesManager.)


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