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Fires the same events (SolutionEvents) a solution normally fires. Enables a project that nests subprojects to fire these events. Implemented by the environment.

The IVsFireSolutionEvents type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method FireOnAfterClosingChildren Fires a solution event, OnAfterClosingChildren, after closing a child project in a nested project hierarchy.
Public method FireOnAfterLoadProject Fires a solution event, OnAfterLoadProject, after a project is loaded in the project hierarchy.
Public method FireOnAfterOpeningChildren Fires a solution event, OnAfterOpeningChildren, after opening a child project in a nested project hierarchy.
Public method FireOnAfterOpenProject Fires a solution event, OnAfterOpenProject, after opening the project.
Public method FireOnBeforeCloseProject Fires a solution event, OnBeforeCloseProject, before closing a project.
Public method FireOnBeforeClosingChildren Fires a solution event, OnBeforeClosingChildren, before closing a child project.
Public method FireOnBeforeOpeningChildren Fires a solution event, OnBeforeOpeningChildren, before opening a children project in a nested project hierarchy.
Public method FireOnBeforeUnloadProject Fires a solution event, OnBeforeUnloadProject, before unloading a project from a project hierarchy.
Public method FireOnQueryCloseProject Fires a solution event, OnQueryCloseProject, indicating a query about closing the project.
Public method FireOnQueryUnloadProject Fires a solution event, OnQueryUnloadProject, indicating a query about unloading the project.


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