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Provides information about a list of objects as well as manipulating the list. Used in the Search pane. The environment implements the interface.

The IVsObjectListOwner type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method CalculateExtendedText Finds the extended text (fully qualified name) for an object in a list of objects.
Public method ClearCachedData Clears cached object list data.
Public method ClearListFilters Sets filters on the object list to their default values.
Public method ClearSearchHit Clears the flag indicate a search found an item.
Public method DoWaitUI Displays the wait cursor.
Public method GetExtendedText Retrieves the extended text (fully qualified object names) produced by the call to CalculateExtendedText.
Public method GetOptions Returns options set for the object list.
Public method HaveSearchHit Indicates whether or not a search has found something.
Public method IsVisible Indicates whether or not the object list is visible.
Public method ListLoadRefused Sets a flag to prevent loading of the object list.
Public method NotifySearchHit Sets a flag to indicate a search has found an object.
Public method UpdateDisplayData Updates the display data of an object in the object list.


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