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The IVsProfileDataManager type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AutoSaveAllSettings Saves, and then at intervals automatically saves, settings.
Public method CheckUpdateTeamSettings Checks and, if necessary, updates team profile settings.
Public method ExportAllSettings Exports all settings to a file.
Public method ExportSettings Export settings to a file.
Public method GetDefaultSettingsLocation Retrieves the location for the default settings file.
Public method GetSettingsFileExtension Retrieves the extension of the settings file.
Public method GetSettingsFiles Retrieves one or more settings files.
Public method GetSettingsForExport Retrieves the settings information in a form ready for export.
Public method GetUniqueExportFileName Retrieves a unique filename to use when saving Settings.
Public method ImportSettings Import settings from an IVsProfileSettingsTree.
Public method LastResetPoint Returns the path and name of the file most recently used to reset profile settings information. This is either the default settings file or the file the user most recently used to save settings.
Public method ReportTeamSettingsChanged Determines which team settings changes are reported.
Public method ResetSettings Resets settings values.
Public method ShowProfilesUI Displays the UI for profile settings.


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