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Enables a project to control its publication. Publication includes such things as moving the project to a file server or a Web site.

The IVsPublishableProjectCfg type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AdvisePublishStatusCallback Establishes a callback for publishing status.
Public method GetPublishProperty Retrieves the value of a publish property by property type.
Public method QueryStartPublish Queries whether the project supports publishing and whether or not the project is ready for publishing.
Public method QueryStatusPublish Queries about the status of an ongoing publishing operation.
Public method ShowPublishPrompt Displays a prompt to ask whether or not a publishing operation should be done.
Public method StartPublish Begins publishing.
Public method StopPublish Halts a publishing operation.
Public method UnadvisePublishStatusCallback Unregisters a callback used for monitoring publishing status.


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