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The IVsQueryEditQuerySave2 type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method BeginQuerySaveBatch Creates a batch of a sequence of documents before attempting to save them to disk.
Public method DeclareReloadableFile States that a file will be reloaded if it changes on disk.
Public method DeclareUnreloadableFile States that a file will not be reloaded if it changes on disk
Public method EndQuerySaveBatch Ends the batch started by the BeginQuerySaveBatch method and displays any user interface (UI) generated within the batch.
Public method IsReloadable Returns the SVsQueryEditQuerySave service's understanding of whether this file is reloadable
Public method OnAfterSaveUnreloadableFile Synchronizes or refreshes the file date and size after an editor saves an unreloadable file.
Public method QueryEditFiles Called when a file is about to be edited.
Public method QuerySaveFile Notifies the environment that a file is about to be saved.
Public method QuerySaveFiles Notifies the environment that multiple files are about to be saved.


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