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Manages the set of currently open documents in the environment.

The IVsRunningDocumentTable type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AdviseRunningDocTableEvents Enables the client to receive notifications of changes to the Running Document Table (RDT).
Public method FindAndLockDocument Locates a document in the RDT using the document file name, then obtains a read or edit lock on that document.
Public method GetDocumentInfo Returns information about a document registered in the RDT, given the cookie.
Public method GetRunningDocumentsEnum Enumerates through all documents in the RDT.
Public method LockDocument Obtains a read or edit lock on a document when it is opened.
Public method ModifyDocumentFlags Modifies the RDT document flags for a registered document.
Public method NotifyDocumentChanged Notifies the client when changes are made to the document.
Public method NotifyOnAfterSave Fires after a document in the RDT has been saved.
Public method NotifyOnBeforeSave Fires before a document in the RDT is saved.
Public method RegisterAndLockDocument Creates an entry in the running document table when a document is created or opened.
Public method RegisterDocumentLockHolder Registers a document lock holder in the running document table.
Public method RenameDocument Renames and/or changes the ownership of a document.
Public method SaveDocuments Determines the save options used to save documents.
Public method UnadviseRunningDocTableEvents Disables the client from receiving notifications of changes to the RDT.
Public method UnlockDocument Releases a read or edit lock on the open document.
Public method UnregisterDocumentLockHolder Unregisters a document lock holder in the running document table.


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