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The IVsTaskProvider3 type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method GetColumn Gets the definition of an indexed column (0 <= iColumn < nColumns)
Public method GetColumnCount Returns the total number of columns supported by this provider, including columns that are not visible by default.
Public method GetProviderFlags Returns the behavior flags for this provider.
Public method GetProviderGuid Returns a unique Identifier for this provider. This is used to persist & restore per-provider data managed by the task list, such as user customizations of column width & order. If it is not practical to assign a GUID to this provider (e.g. the provider is dynamically created at run-time and the identity cannot be preserved across VS sessions), you may return GUID_NULL. However, you should be aware that certain functionality (such as UI settings persistence and the IVsTaskList2.SetActiveProvider method) will not work in that case.
Public method GetProviderName Returns a localized human-readable name for this data provider.
Public method GetProviderToolbar Returns a group GUID and toolbar ID indicating which toolbar should be displayed when this provider is active.
Public method GetSurrogateProviderGuid If a provider implements this method, all its tasks will be listed under the surrogate provider in the list, as if they belong to the surrogate provider.
Public method OnBeginTaskEdit Called when the user begins editing a task in-place. Providers may want to avoid scrolling the tasklist or changing the selection during editing, since these actions can force in-place edit mode to be canceled abruptly.
Public method OnEndTaskEdit Called when the user finishes editing a task in-place. fCommitChanges indicates whether the user chose to commit the changes or discard them. This method may set *pfAllowChanges to FALSE to disallow the user from exiting edit mode. If fCommitChanges is TRUE, the changes will have already been persisted down to the task item.


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