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The IVsTrackProjectDocuments3 type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method BeginQueryBatch Starts a batch query process in which a single dialog box asking the user for an okay is presented instead of multiple dialog boxes, one for each file.
Public method CancelQueryBatch Cancels a batched series of queries.
Public method EndQueryBatch Indicates that a batched query process has been completed and determines whether or not the batched operations should be allowed to proceed.
Public method HandsOffFiles This method is called when a project wants to affect a number of files and wants any locks on those files released.
Public method HandsOnFiles Indicates that a project is done manipulating the specified files.
Public method OnQueryAddFilesEx This method is an extended version of the OnQueryAddFiles method and is used when a project will be moving files to a new location in the project directory.


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