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Implemented by the environment to display the hierarchies that VSPackages write.

The IVsUIHierarchyWindow type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AddUIHierarchy Adds an additional root UI hierarchy node to the list managed by the UI hierarchy window.
Public method ExpandItem Controls the state or appearance of items in the hierarchy.
Public method FindCommonSelectedHierarchy Finds the lowermost hierarchy that is the nearest ancestor to every selected node.
Public method GetCurrentSelection Gets the alternate itemID of the current selection when an alternate UIHierarchy is used.
Public method GetItemState Returns the state or appearance of the hierarchy.
Public method Init Initializes a custom use of a UI hierarchy window.
Public method RemoveUIHierarchy Removes a root UI hierarchy node from the UI hierarchy window.
Public method SetCursor Sets a new cursor for the UI hierarchy window. This method allows you to show a different cursor in the UI hierarchy window when required to indicate specific actions.
Public method SetWindowHelpTopic Sets the Help topic for the hierarchy window.


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