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The IVsUpdateSolutionEvents2 type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method OnActiveProjectCfgChange Called when the active project configuration for a project in the solution has changed. (Inherited from IVsUpdateSolutionEvents.)
Public method UpdateProjectCfg_Begin Called right before a project configuration begins to build.
Public method UpdateProjectCfg_Done Called right after a project configuration is finished building.
Public method UpdateSolution_Begin Called before any build actions have begun. This is the last chance to cancel the build before any building begins. (Inherited from IVsUpdateSolutionEvents.)
Public method UpdateSolution_Cancel Called when a build is being cancelled. (Inherited from IVsUpdateSolutionEvents.)
Public method UpdateSolution_Done Called when a build is completed. (Inherited from IVsUpdateSolutionEvents.)
Public method UpdateSolution_StartUpdate Called before the first project configuration is about to be built. (Inherited from IVsUpdateSolutionEvents.)


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