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Extracts information about a member from an XML representation. Extends, but does not inherit from, IVsXMLMemberData. Query an object returning IVsXMLMemberData to see if it supports IVsXMLMemberData3.

The IVsXMLMemberData3 type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method GetCompletionListText Gets the text of a completion list.
Public method GetCompletionListTextAt Gets a value from a completion list
Public method GetExceptionCount Gets the number of exceptions.
Public method GetExceptionTextAt
Public method GetFilterPriority Gets the priority of a filter.
Public method GetParamCount Gets the number of parameters.
Public method GetParamTextAt Gets the text describing a specific parameter.
Public method GetPermissionSet Gets the permission set.
Public method GetRemarksText Gets remarks for an item.
Public method GetReturnsText Gets the description of return values for a method.
Public method GetSummaryText Gets the summary text for an item.
Public method GetTypeParamCount Gets the number of parameters for a type.
Public method GetTypeParamTextAt Gets the type of a specific parameter.
Public method SetOptions


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