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Prepares the IntelliSense infrastructure for a given assembly file. You can get an instance of the interface from the SWebFileCtxService (SID_SWebFileCtxService) service.

The IWebFileCtxService type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AddDependentAssemblyFile Add a dependent assembly to the service.
Public method AddFileToIntellisense Add a file to the Intellisense coverage.
Public method CBMCallbackActive Indicates whether or not a client build manager (CBM) callback is active.
Public method ConvertToAppRelPath Converts a path to an application-relative path.
Public method EnsureFileOpened Opens a file by item identifier.
Public method GetIntellisenseProjectName Retrieves the project name for this Intellisense project.
Public method GetWebRootPath Retrieves the path to the root of the Web site.
Public method IsDocumentInProject Adds a file, if it exists, to the project.
Public method RemoveDependentAssemblyFile Removes a dependent assembly from the project. The inverse of the AddDependentAssemblyFile method.
Public method RemoveFileFromIntellisense Removes a file from the Intellisense project. The inverse of the AddFileToIntellisense method.
Public method WaitForIntellisenseReady Wait until the Intellisense project is ready to use.


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