Microsoft.Internal.VisualStudio.PlatformUI Namespace


  Class Description
Public class BuiltInPropertyValue
Public class ComUtilities
Public class CookieTable<TCookie, TCookieTraits, TValue>
Public class CookieTraits<T> This class defines the default type, range for cookies handed out by CCookieTable.
Public class DataSource
Public class DataSourceCollection
Public class DataSourceFactory
Public class DataSourceParameters
Public class DialogResult Dialog result values. These match Windows buttons IDs (IDOK, IDCANCEL, etc.) In addition we define the result for failure to display the dialog. WPF dialogs return OK/Cancel for the boolean value result of ShowDialog() call, and Fail if the dialog does not have return value yet.
Public class EnumerablePropertiesCollection IEnumerable wrapper for IVsUIEnumDataSourceProperties
Public class EnumerableVerbsCollection IEnumerable wrapper for IVsUIEnumDataSourceVerbs
Public class IndirectPropertyValue<T>
Public class IntCookieTraits
Public class PropertyDescription
Public class PropertyValueBase
Public class ProvideUIDataConverterAttribute This attribute registers a data converter (IVsUIDataConverter implementer) for custom properties.
Public class ProvideUIDataSourceProviderAttribute This attribute registers a UIDataSourceProvider (IVsDataSourceFactory implementer)
Public class ProvideUIProviderAttribute This attribute registers an UIProvider (IVsUIFactory implementer)
Public class UIDataSource
Public class UIDataSourceCollection
Public class UIDataSourceDynamicCollection
Public class UIDataSourceProperty
Public class UIDataSourcePropertyEnumerator
Public class UIDataSourceVerb
Public class UIDataSourceVerbEnumerator
Public class UIDispatch
Public class UIElement Implements the IVsUIElement interface. Also, any IVsUIElement is assumed to implement IObjectWithSite, too.
Public class UIFactory
Public class UIntCookieTraits
Public class UIObject Simple wrapper class over an existing IVsUIObject,
Public class UISimpleDataSource
Public class Utilities
Public class VerbDescription
Public class VsUIConstants
Public class VsUICookieTable<TValue> A cookie table using VSUICOOKIE values and traits
Public class VsUICookieTraits Cookie traits using VSUICOOKIE-style value range
Public class VsUIType
Public class Win32BitmapHandle
Public class Win32BitmapUIObject Managed implementation of wrapper IVsUIObject for HBITMAP
Public class Win32ColorUIObject Managed implementation of wrapper IVsUIObject for Colors
Public class Win32HandleUIObject<TData> Base class for IVsUIObject types that wrap Win32 handles
Public class Win32IconHandle
Public class Win32IconUIObject Managed implementation of wrapper IVsUIObject for HICON
Public class Win32ImageListUIObject Managed implementation of wrapper IVsUIObject for HIMAGELIST
Public class Win32ToWinFormsIconConverter Conveter for Win32 HICON to System.Drawing.Icon wrapped in IWinFormsIconUIObject
Public class Win32ToWinFormsImageListConverter Converts Win32 HIMAGELIST (Pointer) to System.Windows.Forms.ImageList containing System.Drawing.Icons
Public class Win32ToWpfBitmapConverter Data converter class for converting Win32 IVsUIWin32Bitmap UI objects to WpfBitmapUIObject UI objects
Public class Win32ToWpfColorConverter Data converter class for converting Win32 IVsUIWin32Color UI objects to WpfColorUIObject UI objects NOTE: In Win32, COLORREFs don't have transparency (even though they have space to store it) Converting color objects Win32->WPF will result in a solid color with no transparency
Public class Win32ToWpfIconConverter
Public class Win32ToWpfImageListConverter
Public class WindowHelper
Public class WinFormsIconUIObject Implementation of wrapper IVsUIObject for System.Drawing.Icon
Public class WinFormsImageListUIObject Implementation of wrapper IVsUIObject for System.Windows.Forms.ImageList
Public class WinFormsToWin32IconConverter Converts System.Drawing.Icon to an HICON pointer
Public class WinFormsToWin32ImageListConverter Converts Windows Forms System.Windows.Forms.ImageList to Win32's HIMAGELIST pointer
Public class WpfColorUIObject Managed implementation of wrapper IVsUIObject for Colors
Public class WpfPropertyValue
Public class WpfToWin32ColorConverter Data converter class for converting WPF IVsUIWpfColor UI objects to Win32 IVsUIWin32Color UI objects NOTE: In Win32, COLORREFs don't have transparency (even though they have space to store it) Converting color objects WPF->Win32 will lose transparency information
Public class WpfUIElement
Public class WpfUIFactory
Public class WpfUIFactoryElement


  Structure Description
Public structure ShapeIdentifier A {GUID:DWORD} pair


  Interface Description
Public interface IDataSource
Public interface IDataSourceCollection
Public interface IPropertyDescription
Public interface IUIDataSource
Public interface IUIDispatch
Public interface IVerbDescription


  Delegate Description
Public delegate CommandHandler
Public delegate CookieTableCallback<TCookie, TValue>
Public delegate GetterThunk<T>
Public delegate ParameterizedGetterThunk<T>