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The following interface is implemented here to fix a problem in the Interop.9.0 definition where the marshalling for GetWaitHandlesAndTimeout has an extra level of indirection on the handles argument which results in INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE errors in the message loop. Interop.9.0 decided not to fix this and thus we have IOleComponent2 defined here. All the methods with 'new' are required to keep the vtables aligned

The IOleComponent2Private type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method FContinueMessageLoop
Public method FDoIdle
Public method FPreTranslateMessage
Public method FQueryTerminate
Public method FReserved1
Public method GetWaitHandlesAndTimeout
Public method HwndGetWindow
Public method OnActivationChange
Public method OnAppActivate
Public method OnEnterState
Public method OnHandleSignaled
Public method OnLoseActivation
Public method OnTimeout
Public method Terminate


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IOleComponent2Private Interface

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