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Represents the set of CommandBar objects.

The _CommandBars type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method Add Adds a command bar.
Public method AddEx Adds a command bar, including its protection level.
Public method FindControl Finds the command bar control that has the specified characteristics.
Public method FindControls Finds all the command bar controls that match the given criteria.
Public method GetEnumerator Returns an enumerator that iterates through a collection. (Inherited from IEnumerable.)
Public method ReleaseFocus Releases the focus, if it is on a menu or toolbar.



  Name Description
Public property ActionControl Gets the CommandBarControl whose OnAction event initiated the procedure that is currently running.
Public property ActiveMenuBar Gets the menu bar that is currently active.
Public property AdaptiveMenus Determines whether the set of controls is determined by usage. Always returns false.
Public property Application Gets the DTE object.
Public property Count Gets the number of CommandBars objects this contains.
Public property Creator Gets the ID of the application.
Public property DisableAskAQuestionDropdown Determines whether the AskAQuestion dropdown is disabled. Always returns true.
Public property DisableCustomize Determines whether user customizations have been disabled.
Public property DisplayFonts Determines whether a font name in the Font dropdown is displayed with the font of that name. Always returns false.
Public property DisplayKeysInTooltips Determines whether key bindings are displayed in tooltips. Always returns true.
Public property DisplayTooltips Determines whether tooltips are displayed for command bar controls. Always returns true.
Public property IdsString This property is deprecated.
Public property Item Gets the command bar that matches the given name or index.
Public property LargeButtons Determines whether large buttons are displayed on command bars. Always returns false.
Public property MenuAnimationStyle Gets or sets the kind of animation style that is used when menus are displayed. Always returns msoMenuAnimationNone.
Public property Parent Gets the parent of this command bar, which is the DTE object.
Public property TmcGetName This method is deprecated.


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