Determines if the object associated with the CSingleLock object is nonsignaled (unavailable).

BOOL IsLocked( );

Return Value

Nonzero if the object is locked; otherwise 0.


// m_Mutex is a data member (of type CMutex)
// of an existing class that implements the resource being shared.

// Relate the synchronization object (m_Mutex) with
// our CSingleLock object. 
CSingleLock singleLock(&m_Mutex);

// Attempt to lock the shared resource
singleLock.Lock(100);    // Wait 100 ms...

// Has the resource been successfully locked?
if (singleLock.IsLocked())
    // We were able to lock the resource;
    // we may now work with the data associated with the mutex...

    // Now that we are finished, unlock the resource for others.


Header: afxmt.h

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