Issues that Relate to SharePoint Products and Integration with Team Foundation Server

The topics in this section describe how the Best Practices Analyzer tool for Team Foundation Server indicates potential problems with regard to integrating SharePoint Products with a deployment of Team Foundation Server. These topics address the errors and warnings that may appear when you run the Team Foundation Server Complete Health Check or SharePoint Products Health Check scan.

The tool logs the information that it gathers in the tree report under multiple nodes. The main node is Share Point Web Applications, which you can locate by expanding Team Foundation Server Complete Health Check. You can find additional information about each team project or project collection under the Portal integration node for that project or collection. For a summary of the information that the tool collects and the information messages that it reports, see Information Messages About Team Foundation.

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SharePoint Products is not configured correctly

Missing Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products

The URL for a Web Site Did Not Pass Validation Checks

NTAuthenticationProviders is not set to NTLM only

Incorrect URL for SharePoint Central Administration Web service

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Access is not available


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