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The AdministrationWebService type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Application Gets the application object for the current HTTP request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Protected property ApplicationHost (Inherited from TeamFoundationWebService.)
Protected property BuildResourceService (Inherited from BuildWebServiceBase.)
Protected property BuildService (Inherited from BuildWebServiceBase.)
Public property Container Gets the container for the component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public property Context Gets the ASP.NET HttpContext for the current request, which encapsulates all HTTP-specific context used by the HTTP server to process Web requests. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property DesignMode Gets a value indicating whether the component is currently in design mode. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Protected property Events Gets the list of event handlers that are attached to this component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Protected property RequestContext (Inherited from TeamFoundationWebService.)
Public property Server Gets the HttpServerUtility for the current request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property Session Gets the HttpSessionState instance for the current request. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property Site Gets or sets the site of the component. (Inherited from MarshalByValueComponent.)
Public property SoapVersion Gets the version of the SOAP protocol used to make the SOAP request to the XML Web service. (Inherited from WebService.)
Public property User Gets the ASP.NET server User object. Can be used to authenticate whether a user is authorized to execute the request. (Inherited from WebService.)


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