Load Operations (SSE)

Microsoft Specific

The intrinsics listed in the following table are followed by a description of each intrinsic.

SSE intrinsics use the __m128, __m128i, and __m128d data types, which are not supported on Itanium Processor Family (IPF) processors. Any SSE intrinsics that use the __m64 data type are not supported on x64 processors.

The header file xmmintrin.h contains the declarations for the SSE intrinsics.

Memory and Initialization Load Operations

Intrinsic name


Corresponding instruction


Loads the low value and clears the three high values


_mm_load1_ps, _mm_load_ps1

Loads one value into all four words

MOVSS + Shuffling


Loads four values, address aligned



Loads four values, address unaligned



Loads four values, in reverse order

MOVAPS + Shuffling

For an explanation of the syntax used in code samples in this topic, see Floating-Point Intrinsics Using Streaming SIMD Extensions.

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