Add Front End Sql Store Page for Lync Server 2010

You define the properties of the SQL Server stores for the new Front End pool that you are configuring.


If you are configuring a Standard Edition server, this dialog will be displayed but you will not be able to configure settings. Click Next to continue.

Settings that you can configure:

  • Use a previously defined SQL Server store: Select an existing SQL Server store from the list for the Front End pool store.

  • Select Define a new SQL Server store to create a new SQL Server store.

    You type the fully qualified domain name of the SQL Server in SQL Server FQDN

    The Default instance is selected initially. If you prefer to define an instance, select Named instance and type the name of the instance that you need to create.

    Back: Goes back to the previous dialog

    Next: Commits the changes and moves to the next step dialog

    Cancel: Discards changes and cancels the configuration

    Help: Displays help information, such as this topic