Define Computers in Persistent Chat Pool

You define the computers that will be a part of a Persistent Chat Server pool by typing the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in Computer FQDN. This must be the name of the computer as it is defined in the domain name system DNS host (A or AAAA) records.

Click Add to add the FQDN to the list of computers in the pool.

Click Update to refresh the entries in the list of computers in the computers that make up the list of computers defined for the pool.

Click Remove to delete a defined computer in the pool.

Click Back to go back to the previous pool definition dialog.

Click Next after you have finished entering the computer members for this pool to proceed with the Persistent Chat Server pool definition.

Click Cancel to discard all changes and end the Define New Persistent Chat Pool wizard.

Click Help to access context sensitive help, such as this page.

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