PSTN Gateways Scope Node

The PSTN Gateways node lists the public switched telephone networks (PSTN) gateways in your topology. You can perform the following action:

  • New IP/PSTN Gateway. Starts the Define New IP/PSTN Gateway wizard, which you use to add a new PSTN gateway to the topology.

In addition to the PSTN gateway options, you can perform the following general tasks:

  • Topology. You can use this option to define a new topology, open an existing topology, download the current topology, save a copy of the topology, publish the topology, install a database, merge components from previous versions, or remove the deployment.

  • View. You can use this option to customize the view of in Topology Builder by selecting the items to show and hide in the console tree views.

  • Help. You can use this option to access Help for the active node.