Create conference directories in Skype for Business Server 2015

Summary: Learn how to create conference directories in Skype for Business Server 2015.

Conference directories maintain a mapping between the alphanumeric meeting ID that a participant uses to join a conference when using Skype for Business, and the numeric-only conference ID that a dial-in conferencing participant uses to join the conference.

Create a conference directory

Creating multiple conference directories will ensure that conference IDs will stay short until a significant amount of conferences have been created.

In an organization with a typical number of conferences per user, we recommend that you create one conference directory for every 999 users in the pool. Using this guideline, the conference IDs can generally be kept small. However, once the number of conference directories (across the pools) exceed 9, the Conference ID length will grow to support additional conferences.

The format of a conference ID is as follows:

  <housekeeping digit (1 digit)><conference directory (usually 1-2 digits> 
  <conference number (variable number of digits><check digit (1 digit)>

To create a conference directory, use the New-CsConferenceDirectory cmdlet. For example, the following command creates a conference directory with the identity 42, hosted on the pool

New-CsConferenceDirectory -Identity 42 -HomePool ""

For more information, see New-CsConferenceDirectory.