Configure PIN-less meeting join in Skype for Business Server

Summary: Learn how to configure the PIN-less meeting join option in Skype for Business Server 2015.

When a dial-in caller attempts to join a meeting, the Conference Auto Attendant (CAA) service places the caller in a holding pen that is different from the Lobby — if a presenter is not already on a call, and the dial-in caller has not entered a leader PIN. The PIN-less meeting join option allows dial-in callers to join a meeting without entering a leader PIN even if they are the first person on a call.

Keep the following in mind when configuring this feature:

  • Applies to private meetings only.

  • Allows PSTN callers to stay in private meetings without the presence of authenticated users.

  • After the setting is changed, it applies to all existing and new private meetings.

  • Can be enabled either at the site of the organizer or at the global level.

  • Options for who can bypass the lobby can be set for either of the following:

    • Anyone from my Organization with Callers get in directly

    • Anyone (no restrictions) with Callers get in directly (This is the default setting.)

  • When configured to enable PIN-less join, the CAA service still prompts for a leader PIN. Users can join the meeting whether or not a PIN is entered. However, retaining the ability to enter a leader PIN allows a dial-in caller to authenticate as a leader and manage the meeting if necessary.

Configure PIN-less meeting join

To enable PIN-less meeting join for your users, use the Set-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration cmdlet with the AllowAnonymousPstnActivation parameter as follows:

Set-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -Identity  < global or site:sitename>  -AllowAnonymousPstnActivation $True

For example, the following command enables PIN-less meeting join for the site Redmond:

Set-CsDialInConferencingConfiguration -Identity site:Redmond -AllowAnonymousPstnActivation $True

For security purposes, when PIN-less meeting join is turned on, you might want to restrict anonymous users from dialing out by ensuring the ConferencingPolicy is set as follows:

Set-CsConferencingPolicy [-Identity <XdsIdentity>] -AllowAnonymousUsersToDialOut $False

For more information, see Set-CsConferencingPolicy.