Get Item Ancestors

Summary: Learn about the Get Item Ancestors operation, which is part of the Item Service. The Item Service is part of the Repository API for Call Quality Dashboard. Call Quality Dashboard is a tool for Skype for Business Server 2015.

The Get Item Ancestors operation is part of the Item Service in the Repository API for Call Quality Dashboard.

Get Item Ancestors

Get Item Ancestors returns a specific items ancestors from the repository.

Method Request URI HTTP Version

URI Parameters - None.

Request Headers - No additional headers.

Request Body - None.

Response - The response includes an HTTP status code and a set of response headers.

Status Code - A successful operation returns status code 200 (OK). If a specified user ID is not found, it returns status code 404 (Not Found).

Response Headers - No additional headers.

Response Body - Below is a sample response payload in JSON.

"item1": 1653,
"item2": 0,
"item3": "Audio Streams Monthly Trend"
"item1": 1652,
"item2": 1,
"item3": "All Audio Streams"

Item1 - ID of the item.

Item2 - Depth is the distance from the Item. 0 is the immediate parent.

Item3 - Title of the item.