Installation for SQL Server 2016

The SQL Server Installation Wizard provides a single feature tree to install all SQL Server components:

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Regardless of whether you use the SQL Server Installation Wizard or the command prompt to install SQL Server, Setup involves the following steps:

Planning a SQL Server Installation
Describes how to prepare your computer for SQL Server:

More Information

Install SQL Server BI Features with SharePoint (Power Pivot and Reporting Services)
This section explains how to install SQL Server features in a SharePoint environment. It identifies which SQL Server features are available given a specific version and edition of SharePoint. It also includes installation procedures for Power Pivot for SharePoint and Reporting Services in SharePoint mode.

ssrs_fyi_note Install the new sample database, Wide World Importers.

Additional SQL Server Samples and Sample Databases
Describes how to install and configure SQL Server samples and sample databases.

See the SQL Server Update Center for links and information for all supported versions of SQL Server.

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