PredictAdjustedProbability (DMX)

APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

Returns the adjusted probability of a specified state.


PredictAdjustedProbability(<scalar column reference>, [<predicted state>])  

Applies To

A scalar column.

Return Type

A scalar value.


If the predicted state is omitted, the state that has the highest predictable probability is used, excluding the missing states bucket. To include the missing states bucket, set the <predicted state> to INCLUDE_NULL.

To return the adjusted probability for the missing states, set the <predicted state> to NULL.

The PredictAdjustedProbability function is a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services extension to the Microsoft OLE DB for Data Mining specification.


The following example uses a natural prediction join to determine if an individual is likely to be a bike buyer based on the TM Decision Tree mining model, and also determines the adjusted probability for the prediction.

  [Bike Buyer],  
  PredictAdjustedProbability([Bike Buyer]) AS [Adjusted Probability]  
  [TM Decision Tree]  
(SELECT 28 AS [Age],  
  '2-5 Miles' AS [Commute Distance],  
  'Graduate Degree' AS [Education],  
  0 AS [Number Cars Owned],  
  0 AS [Number Children At Home]) AS t  

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