MemberValue(MDX)MemberValue (MDX)

적용 대상:예SQL Server Analysis Services아니요Azure Analysis ServicesAPPLIES TO:yesSQL Server Analysis ServicesnoAzure Analysis Services

멤버의 값을 반환합니다.Returns the value of a member.




멤버로 평가되는 유효한 MDX 식입니다.A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that evaluates to a member.

반환 값Return Value

반환되는 멤버 값에는 다음 정보가 포함되며 반환 값에 표시되는 순서대로 나열됩니다.The member value returned contains the following information, listed in the order that this information appears in the return value:

  • 정의된 경우 값 바인딩The value binding, if it has been defined.

  • 이름 바인딩이 없거나 또는 키 및 캡션이 같은 열에 바인딩되는 경우 원래 데이터 형식의 키The key with the original data type if either there is no name binding, or the key and the caption are bound to the same column.

  • 멤버의 캡션The caption of the member.


다음 예에서는 Adventure Works 큐브에서 Date 차원의 첫 번째 날짜에 대한 값 바인딩, 멤버 키 및 캡션을 반환합니다.The following example returns the value binding, the member key, and the caption for the first date in the Date dimension in the Adventure Works cube.

WITH MEMBER Measures.ValueColumn as [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2001].MemberValue  
MEMBER Measures.KeyColumn as [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2001].Member_Key  
MEMBER Measures.NameColumn as [Date].[Calendar].[July 1, 2001].Member_Name  

SELECT {Measures.ValueColumn, Measures.KeyColumn, Measures.NameColumn}  ON 0  
from [Adventure Works]  

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