SQL Server, Cursor Manager Total 개체SQL Server, Cursor Manager Total Object

SQLServer:Cursor Manager Total 개체는 커서를 모니터링하는 카운터를 제공합니다.The SQLServer:Cursor Manager Total object provides counters to monitor cursors.

다음 표에서는 SQL Server Cursor Manager Total 카운터에 대해 설명합니다.This table describes the SQL Server Cursor Manager Total counters.

Cursor Manager Total 카운터Cursor Manager Total counters 설명Description
Async population countAsync population count 비동기식으로 채워진 커서의 수입니다.Number of cursors being populated asynchronously.
Cursor conversion rateCursor conversion rate 초당 커서 변환 횟수입니다.Number of cursor conversions per second.
Cursor flushesCursor flushes 커서가 런타임 문을 다시 만든 총 횟수입니다.Total number of run-time statement recreations by cursors.

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