Reporting Services 기능 및 태스크(SSRS)Reporting Services Features and Tasks (SSRS)

Reporting ServicesReporting Services 기반 콘텐츠는 보고서 및 보고서 기능, 보고서 서버 기능 및 Reporting ServicesReporting Services 제품 기능별로 구성됩니다. foundational content is organized by reports and report features, report server features, and Reporting ServicesReporting Services product features.

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SQL Server 모바일 보고서 게시자를 사용하여 모바일 보고서 만들기Create mobile reports with SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher

Reporting Services 보고서 서버Reporting Services Report Server

Reporting Services 보고서(SSRS)Reporting Services Reports (SSRS)

보고서 데이터(SSRS)Report Data (SSRS)

보고서 매개 변수(보고서 작성기 및 보고서 디자이너)Report Parameters (Report Builder and Report Designer)

보고서 디자이너의 보고서 파트(SSRS)Report Parts in Report Designer (SSRS)


구독 및 배달(Reporting Services)Subscriptions and Delivery (Reporting Services)

Reporting Services 데이터 경고Reporting Services Data Alerts

Reporting Services 보안 및 보호Reporting Services Security and Protection

URL 액세스(SSRS)URL Access (SSRS)

확장 프로그램(SSRS)Extensions (SSRS)

Reporting Services 도구Reporting Services Tools

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Reporting Services(SSRS) Reporting Services (SSRS)
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