IMediaEncodingProperties.Type Property


Gets the format type.

 property Platform::String ^ Type { Platform::String ^ get(); };
winrt::hstring Type();
public string Type { get; }
var string = iMediaEncodingProperties.type;
Public ReadOnly Property Type As String

Property Value


The format type. The value can be the string representation of a GUID in canonical form, or one of the predefined values listed in the following table.

"Audio"Audio stream. To get details of the audio format, use @"Windows.Media.MediaProperties.AudioEncodingProperties?text=AudioEncodingProperties".
"Container"Media container.
"Image"Still image data. To get details of the image format, use @"Windows.Media.MediaProperties.ImageEncodingProperties?text=ImageEncodingProperties".
"Video"Video stream. To get details of the video format, use @"Windows.Media.MediaProperties.VideoEncodingProperties?text=VideoEncodingProperties".

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