SpeechRecognizer.Constraints Property


Gets the collection of constraint objects currently added to the SpeechRecognizer object.

 property IVector<ISpeechRecognitionConstraint ^> ^ Constraints { IVector<ISpeechRecognitionConstraint ^> ^ get(); };
IVector<ISpeechRecognitionConstraint> Constraints();
public IList<ISpeechRecognitionConstraint> Constraints { get; }
var iVector = speechRecognizer.constraints;
Public ReadOnly Property Constraints As IList(Of ISpeechRecognitionConstraint)

Property Value



A collection of ISpeechRecognitionConstraint objects.

Valid constraint objects include:

Each speech recognizer can have one constraint collection. Only these combinations of constraints are valid:


Call the SpeechRecognizer.CompileConstraintsAsync method to compile the constraints before starting the recognition process.


To use web-service constraints, speech input and dictation support must be enabled in Settings by turning on the "Get to know me" option in the Settings -> Privacy -> Speech, inking, and typing page. See "Recognize speech input" in Speech recognition.

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