QueryOptions.SetPropertyPrefetch(PropertyPrefetchOptions, IEnumerable<String>) Method


Specifies properties that the system should load in advance for all items in the query result set while the query is being executed (instead of retrieving them on a case-by-case basis). If many properties are specified, the query might take longer to execute, but subsequent property retrieval on query results will be faster.

 virtual void SetPropertyPrefetch(PropertyPrefetchOptions options, IIterable<Platform::String ^> ^ propertiesToRetrieve) = SetPropertyPrefetch;
void SetPropertyPrefetch(PropertyPrefetchOptions options, IIterable<winrt::hstring> const & propertiesToRetrieve);
public void SetPropertyPrefetch(PropertyPrefetchOptions options, IEnumerable<string> propertiesToRetrieve);
function setPropertyPrefetch(options, propertiesToRetrieve)
Public Sub SetPropertyPrefetch (options As PropertyPrefetchOptions, propertiesToRetrieve As IEnumerable(Of String))



A value that specifies the set of properties to retrieve in advance.

The possible property sets match the sets of properties available on from the StorageFile class. For example, PropertyPrefetchOptions.BasicProperties will retrieve all of the properties available through StorageFile.GetBasicPropertiesAsync in advance.


A custom list of properties to retrieve in advance as an array of property names. Use the system property names to specify properties, for example System.Copyright and System.Image.ColorSpace.

A list of additional properties to retrieve.

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