Control.VerticalContentAlignment Control.VerticalContentAlignment Control.VerticalContentAlignment Control.VerticalContentAlignment Property


Gets or sets the vertical alignment of the control's content.

public : VerticalAlignment VerticalContentAlignment { get; set; }
VerticalAlignment VerticalContentAlignment();

void VerticalContentAlignment(VerticalAlignment verticalcontentalignment);
public VerticalAlignment VerticalContentAlignment { get; set; }
Public ReadWrite Property VerticalContentAlignment As VerticalAlignment
<control VerticalContentAlignment="verticalAlignmentValue"/>

Property Value

One of the VerticalAlignment values. The default is Top.


Each control might apply this property differently based on the Style setters for the control's implicit style, and its visual template. Also, the apparent "default value" of each individual control used in UI can be different. For example, a Button control starts with the value Center.

A value for the VerticalContentAlignment property only affects layout behavior for a control when its template uses the VerticalContentAlignment property as the source of a VerticalAlignment value for presenters or content areas within. On other controls, setting VerticalContentAlignment has no effect. For more info about visual templates for controls, see the reference for Control.Template.

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