Extension (in type: CT_PackageExtensions)

Declares an extensibility point for the package.

Element hierarchy



<Extension Category = "windows.activatableClass.inProcessServer" | "windows.activatableClass.outOfProcessServer" | "windows.activatableClass.proxyStub" | "windows.gameExplorer" | "windows.certificates" >

  <!-- Child elements -->
  ( InProcessServer
  | OutOfProcessServer
  | ProxyStub
  | GameExplorer
  | Certificates


Attributes and Elements


Attribute Description Data type Required Default value

The type of package extensibility point.

This attribute can have one of the following values:

  • windows.activatableClass.inProcessServer
  • windows.activatableClass.outOfProcessServer
  • windows.activatableClass.proxyStub
  • windows.gameExplorer
  • windows.certificates

Child Elements

Child Element Description

Declares a package extensibility point of type windows.certificates. The app requires one or more certificates from the specified certificate stores.


Declares a package extensibility point of type windows.gameExplorer.


Declares a package extensibility point of type windows.activatableClass.inProcessServer. The app uses a dynamic link library (DLL) that exposes one or more activatable classes.


Declares a package extension point of type windows.activatableClass.outOfProcessServer. The app uses an executable (EXE) that exposes one or more activatable classes.


Declares a package extensibility point of type windows.activatableClass.proxyStub. A proxy can be composed of one or more interfaces.

Parent Elements

Parent Element Description
Extensions (type: CT_PackageExtensions)

Defines one or more extensibility points for the package.

The following elements have the same name as this one, but different content or attributes:


Extensibility points are a mechanism by which a package can add functionality in a manner defined by the operating system. An extensibility point is a location where an app can register to execute code or use resources of the current package. To add functionality for a particular app, use the Application child element of the Applications element.

These extensibility points can't be declared multiple times in a manifest:

  • windows.certificates
  • windows.gameExplorer

See also

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