iOS 8에서 작동하지 않는 사용자 위치User Location not working in iOS 8

텍스트 편집기 내에서: info.plist을 열고 다음을 추가 합니다.Within a text editor: Open up your Info.plist and add the following:

<string>You are about to use location!</string>

<string>This will be called if location is used behind the scenes</string>

MainViewController.cs 내에서 다음을 호출 해야 합니다.And within the MainViewController.cs you need to call the following:

iPhoneLocationManager.RequestWhenInUseAuthorization ();


if (UIDevice.CurrentDevice.CheckSystemVersion (8, 0)) {
    iPhoneLocationManager.RequestWhenInUseAuthorization ();
    iPhoneLocationManager.LocationsUpdated += (object sender, CLLocationsUpdatedEventArgs e) => {
        UpdateLocation (mainScreen, e.Locations [e.Locations.Length - 1]);
} else {
    // this won't be called on iOS 6 (deprecated)
    iPhoneLocationManager.UpdatedLocation += (object sender, CLLocationUpdatedEventArgs e) => {
        UpdateLocation (mainScreen, e.NewLocation);