Install Outlook and Office apps on Android devices

If your Android device is managed by Microsoft 365 Business Premium, you may be prompted to set up extra security the first time you install an Office app.

Try it!

  1. On your device, choose the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for the Office app you want to install. We'll use Outlook for this example.
  3. On the Outlook welcome screen, choose Get started.
  4. On the Add Account page, enter your Microsoft 365 email address, and then choose Continue.
  5. Under Enter your password , type your password, and then choose Sign in.
  6. On the next page, choose Continue if you want to add another account. Otherwise, choose Skip.
  7. When prompted to add the Intune Company Portal app, choose Go to store.
  8. Install and open the Intune Company portal app, and then choose OK when you see the message that your organization protects data in this app.
  9. If asked for a PIN, enter a 4-digit PIN that you'll use to unlock your phone, choose Send , confirm your PIN, and then choose Send again.