F# Guide

The F# guide provides many resources to learn the F# language.

Learning F#

What is F# describes what the F# language is and what programming in it is like, with short code samples. This is recommended if you are new to F#.

Tour of F# gives an overview of major language features with lots of code samples. This is recommended if you are interested in seeing core F# features in action.

Get started with F# in Visual Studio if you're on Windows and want the full Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) experience.

Get started with F# in Visual Studio for Mac if you're on macOS and want to use a Visual Studio IDE.

Get Started with F# in Visual Studio Code if you want a lightweight, cross-platform, and feature-packed IDE experience.

Get started with F# with the .NET Core CLI if you want to use command-line tools.

Get started with F# and Xamarin for mobile programming with F#.

F# for Azure Notebooks is a tutorial for learning F# in a free, hosted Jupyter Notebook.


F# Language Reference is the official, comprehensive reference for all F# language features. Each article explains the syntax and shows code samples. You can use the filter bar in the table of contents to find specific articles.

F# Core Library Reference is the API reference for the F# Core Library.

Additional guides

F# for Fun and Profit is a comprehensive and very detailed book on learning F#. Its contents and author are beloved by the F# community. The target audience is primarily developers with an object oriented programming background.

F# Programming Wikibook is a wikibook about learning F#. It is also a product of the F# community. The target audience is people who are new to F#, with a little bit of object oriented programming background.

Learn F# through videos

F# tutorial on YouTube is a great introduction to F# using Visual Studio, showing lots of great examples over the course of 1.5 hours. The target audience is Visual Studio developers who are new to F#.

Introduction to Programming with F# is a great video series that uses Visual Studio Code as the main editor. The video series starts from nothing and ends with building a text-based RPG video game. The target audience is developers who prefer Visual Studio Code (or a lightweight IDE) and are new to F#.

What's New in Visual Studio 2017 for F# For Developers is a video course that shows some of the newer features for F# in Visual Studio 2017. The target audience is Visual Studio developers who are new to F#.

Other useful resources

The F# Snippets Website contains a massive set of code snippets showing how to do just about anything in F#, ranging from absolute beginner to highly advanced snippets.

The F# Software Foundation Slack is a great place for beginners and experts alike, is highly active, and has some of world's best F# programmers available for a chat. We highly recommend joining.

The F# Software Foundation

Although Microsoft is the primary developer of the F# language and its tools in Visual Studio, F# is also backed by an independent foundation, the F# Software Foundation (FSSF).

The mission of the F# Software Foundation is to promote, protect, and advance the F# programming language, and to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of F# programmers.

To learn more and get involved, check out fsharp.org. It's free to join, and the network of F# developers in the foundation is something you don't want to miss out on!