Settings for the Briefing email


Your daily Briefing email now comes from Microsoft Viva. See Daily briefing and MyAnalytics branding updates to reflect Microsoft Viva for more details.

You can change your personal settings for the Briefing email to set what time of day you receive the Briefing in your mailbox or to unsubscribe from it. These settings override or take precedence over what the admin sets up for your Briefing email. If the Briefing is using an incorrect time zone, use Change time zone to change your Outlook time zone setting.

To update settings

  1. Near the end of any Briefing email, select Settings or go to

  2. In Settings, you can change the following, which take effect the next working day if you have any insights:

    • To change your subscription to the Briefing email from Microsoft Viva, set Cortana Briefing to On to subscribe or Off to unsubscribe.
    • In When would you like to receive this email, select a preferred time period, and then select Save. You'll receive your next Briefing within two hours of this new time.
    • In Current time zone, select Change time zone to change the Outlook setting for your Briefings.
    • Only managers or team leads will see this option. In Your team members, select Edit team to add or remove team members. If you're not a manager, you can select I am not a manager to hide this setting.

    Briefing settings.


If you unsubscribe, you can always subscribe again at